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Everything You Need To Write An Admissions Essay (In 5 Days or Less!)

After grades, course curriculum, and test scores, the essay is the most important factor in an admissions decision.

The essay is a crucial component of the application, and can’t be treated as an afterthought.

In fact, by the time students are applying to college, all the courses and grades are set. The essay is the last component over which students have complete control.

When reading essays, the admissions committee is looking to see:

  • If your student can write well
  • If they would be a good fit for the school
  • They exhibit one or more key personality characteristics that will make them successful

As a parent, there is no doubt that you care deeply about your child’s success, and want them to have a good experience as a senior applying to college.

As a senior in high school, your student has put in years of hard work to get where they are today…

It’s all coming to a close.

…the tough classes
…the extra-curricular activities
…the after-school job

But when it comes to the college application, there is still one place where your student has the opportunity to make a difference:


Truth is, most students write application essays that don’t work to their advantage in the admissions room.

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    Essay is predictable and boring. If the essay doesn’t interest the admissions officer within the first few lines, students will have a hard time making a good impression.

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    Repeat info that can be found elsewhere on their app

    If the student decides to write about their grades, awards, or certain accomplishments that can be easily found elsewhere on their application, they are not taking advantage of the huge opportunity to make an impact.

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    Grammar & spelling errors

    A few misspelled words, poorly constructed sentences, or clear issues with grammar are all warning signs that a student might struggle in basic-level classes – not to mention that simple errors demonstrate carelessness on the part of the student.

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    Trite topics

    Unfortunately, “drive-by” charity work topics are cliché in the admissions office. Doing a few hours of community service or going on a mission trip just for the sake of having a good admissions essay does not go over well with the admissions team.

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    Poorly structured

    When students don’t take the time to create a personal narrative that has a clear beginning, middle, and an end, it shows a lack of focus and ability to community clearly and purposefully.

Once grades and test scores are factored in, the essay can keep your student in the running, or completely take them out of consideration. Ensuring that your student has the proper essay writing support is one of the best ways to help them submit a well-rounded college application.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Hi! I’m Julie Walthers

I just want to take a second to thank you for being here and learning about how I can help your student to write an exceptional admissions essay. I’ve worked hard to create a course that enables students to write essays that they can be proud of and confident in submitting to their schools.

I’m the founder and lead editor of Ghost Editorial, a copyediting and copywriting business that specializes in academic and small business writing. Through a combination of personal reflection exercises, purposeful brainstorming, and a touch of educational reconnaissance, I have helped hundreds of students compose college admissions essays that are authentic and demonstrative of what an asset they’ll be to their desired schools.

In addition to several years of experience advising high school seniors on their college admissions essays, I’ve worked closely with accomplished academics around the world in publishing their research in prestigious journals and mass publications like The New York Times. In short, you’re in good hands!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and keep on reading to see how I can help your student write their best admissions essay!

Before your student writes an essay, attaches it to their application, and hopes for the best, let me tell you how the Admissions Essay Toolkit can take their admissions (and scholarship!) essays from good to great!

The Admissions Essay Toolkit Can Help Your Student With The Entire Essay Writing Process

You can help your student write their best essay and feel confident in what they are submitting to their schools with the Admissions Essay Toolkit!

The online, self-paced program teaches students to…

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    Find the essay topic that will demonstrate what an asset they will be to the school

    The topic can make or break an essay, so it’s crucial to identify the best possible event to write about.

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    Write application and scholarship essays that acknowledge what the admissions committee is looking for in an applicant

    Students need to understand who they are writing for and what their audience (aka The Admissions Committee) is looking to find in order to make a positive impact with their essay.

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    Learn how to identify qualities in themselves that the admissions committee wants to see in potential students

    Tenacity, honesty, compassion, empathy…these are just a few of the things that admissions officers look for. The Admissions Essay Toolkit will help students find those ideal qualities in themselves!

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    Productively brainstorm & outline their essays to ensure a clear and logical flow to their narratives

    A long, rambling, and non-coherent essay can easily take your student out of the running. Proper planning is crucial in order to write a quality essay.

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    Proofread & edit their essays from the perspective of an admissions officer

    The admissions committee is looking for more than just spelling and grammar. The last module of the Admissions Essay Toolkit includes a thorough proofreading checklist to help students review their essays from a different perspective.

Let me tell you what’s included in each module of the Admissions Essay Toolkit


In this module, students will get an overview of the entire course to ensure that they understand the essay writing process.

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    The curriculum checklist walks students through each one of the module action steps. This helps students to stay organized and on-track!

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    To help students plan their time and finish their essays in 5 days, I’ve created a daily planner that tells students exactly what needs to be done to finish their essays in a week. This planner is perfect for students who need help with their time management.


In Module 2, I’m going to walk students through self-reflection exercises and show them the importance of doing research on the schools they are applying to. The information in this module will be the basis for all of their essays

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    The self-reflection lesson is crucial to finding a solid topic to write on. Students don’t always know what is special or unique about themselves, but by the end of the self-reflection module, they will have several topic options!

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    This lesson goes beyond just knowing application deadlines and the average GPA of accepted students. In the School Reconnaissance lesson, students are going to learn about the culture of the schools, what types of support services and extra-curricular activities they offer, and whether or not the schools offer specific programs that your student would be interested in.


Module 3 is all about finding that ONE quality that sets your student apart from all the other viable applicants – even if everyone looks alike on paper. Once students identify that one personal quality that makes them unique, the rest of the essay will be a breeze.

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    The USP Identifier is your student’s secret weapon to standing out in a sea of applications. Through carefully constructed questions, students will learn what makes them unique and apply that knowledge to writing a spectacular essay.

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    It’s crucial that students demonstrate one or more of the 14 key characteristics that colleges want in a candidate. Through the USP Identifier sheet, I’ll help students find the key qualities that they naturally demonstrate, and which will help them make a positive impact in the admissions office!


In Module 4, I walk students through the entire pre-writing process. From brainstorming to outlining, by the time students are done with this lesson, they will feel confident and excited to write their essays!

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    In this brainstorming lesson, I discuss several options to engage all types of writers. With digital, low-tech, and traditional brainstorming techniques, all students will find that one brainstorming technique that will inspire them to get those thoughts out of their heads and write.

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    Because a logical and coherent essay is crucial in the admissions room, I created a step-by-step process that makes outlining the application essay a breeze. In this lesson, I specifically talk about traditional outlines, mind mapping, and stream of conscious strategies.


It’s time to write! At this point, your student will have all the tools they need to write an admissions essay that will help them make a positive impact in that admissions room. In this lesson I give some final pieces of advice to help your student take their essay from good to great!

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    It’s a well-known fact that if you don’t catch the interest of the admissions officer reading your essay in the first few seconds, things might not go well for you. By understanding the power of hook sentences, you can “hook” your reader right off the bat and keep them engaged through the entire essay.

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    There’s no doubt that admissions essays are a totally different beast when it comes to writing. This isn’t your typical 5-paragraph essay! In fact, if your student writes a typical 5 paragraph essay, they are doing themselves a huge disservice. My 10 types have been written to specifically align with the goals of the admissions essay, and when followed, can make significant different in how your student is perceived in their application.


Proofreading is a non-negotiable step in the essay writing process. If your student submits an essay full of errors, that’s a signal to the admissions officer that they might not be college material.

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    Regardless of whether or not your student is an “Independent Study” member, or a “2-Review” member, they will get my proofreading and critique checklist so that they can edit their essays and have a parent or teacher look over their work through the eyes of an admissions officer.

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    Module 6 is where the 2-Review students will get specific instructions on how to submit their completed drafts to me so that I can do a thorough review and critique of their work before they send it off!

In order to support your student during the application process, I’ve created some great bonuses that will come in handy not just while they’re writing their essays, but throughout their entire senior year!

The Common App Prompt Strategy Book

In this bonus, I discuss each one of the Common App writing prompt for the 2016-2017 application year. This will be a great resource if your student will be answering any of the Common App prompts. Here’s what you’ll find in the strategy book:
1. Each of the 5 Common App writing prompts for the 2016-2017 application year.
2. How to Approach This Question: Some tips on things to consider when answering that particular prompt.
3. What to Avoid: A few notes on common mistakes that students make when answering that prompt so you can avoid them!
4. How Many Students Answered This Prompt: A little information on the number of applicants who answered that prompt during last year’s application cycle. This data came straight from the folks who run The Common Application.

Master College Application Checklist

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to applying to college. You have to juggle applications, essays, transcripts, letters of recommendations, and scholarships, just to name a few!
I put this together using a combination of the Common App’s book, Get it Together (you can get a complete copy of it through the Common App website or Amazon) and information garnered through years of research and experience helping other students get through this process.
Your Master College Application Checklist Includes:
1. An organizational checklist to follow the spring and summer before your senior year.
2. What to do for your college visits
3. Tips on setting up accounts on college-related websites
4. A month-by-month timeline of when you should be taking your standardized tests, writing your essay, and getting your letters of recommendation completed (just to name a few!)
5. Suggestions on when you should be filling out your FAFSA, sending in your applications, and when you can expect an admissions decision from your schools.

Social Media Check-Up

Every year, more and more admissions officers are checking up on potential candidate’s social media accounts. Don’t get sidelined because of an unflattering or provocative profile picture, or an offensive or inappropriate tweet. The social media check-up includes:

1. Instructions on how to check to see what’s available about you online
2. Tips on what to do with profile pictures
3. Tips on how to remove online material that might not be in your best interest

Private Facebook Group

All students are eligible to join the private Facebook group. I’ll be holding weekly Q&A sessions to answer any questions you might have about your topic or getting through the course. You will also be able to “crowdsource” your own questions to the group.


  • Students who are having a difficult time identifying their strengths for a powerful admissions essay because they think they lack something special or unique about themselves.
  • The “average” student who has respectable grades (3.0 – 3.8), a few extracurricular activities, and has taken a couple AP or honors classes, but hasn’t excelled in any one area.
  • Students who have not started their college application essays and need help unlocking the prompts and writing an effective essay that will help them stand out.
  • Parents who want to support their student during the application process, but who don’t know the best ways to approach the essay portion.
  • Students who speak English as a second language, or who are applying to American universities from overseas.
  • Students who do not need a comprehensive college consulting package, but who see the value of a professional critique and proofreading of their essay.
  • Students who feel that they don’t have strong writing skills and are overwhelmed with the prompt options.
  • Students who want thorough feedback on a written admissions essay from a professional editor with years of experience working with college-bound students.
  • Students and families who are looking for an affordable and effective alternative to costly college consulting packages.
  • Parents who want to give their student the best possible advantage during this very competitive process.
  • Students applying to competitive universities and need help differentiating themselves from other applicants.


  • Students who are expecting someone else to write their essay
  • Students who are not willing to put in the work
  • Students who do not want honest and constructive feedback on their writing
  • Students with low GPAs and test scores and unrealistic expectations in regards to being accepted to competitive schools

A complete college consulting package can run thousands of dollars, but not taking any action could cost you admission. Making the decision to work with me to compose your essay is a smart and cost-effective way to give yourself an edge in this competitive process. I’ve created two course options to best fit your needs.

Independent Study Student


This is a wonderful option for the motivated and independent student who needs some guidance, inspiration, and structure to work on their essay.
What you get:
  • Immediate access to the complete digital course
  • High quality PDF downloads of the lessons
  • Audio-only option for those times when you can’t be near a computer
  • Email access for questions
  • Access to the same questionnaires and worksheets that I use with my 1-on-1 clients
  • Downloadable College Essay Critique and Proofreading Checklist

PLUS, you’ll receive:

  • Bonus #1: Common App Prompt Strategy Book
  • Bonus #2: Master College Application Checklist
  • Bonus #3: Social Media Clean-Up Checklist
  • Email access for questions
  • Bonus #4: Private FB Group Access

You WILL NOT get: Final review of completed essay.

Buy Now!

What would it be worth to you and your student if…

  • Your student was able to write an amazing college admissions essay without stress and confusion?
  • They were able to write in the comfort of their own home, yet still have access to a professional who could help them when they got stuck?
  • They were able to write an essay that they could feel confident in submitting to their top schools
  • They had a step-by-step timeline to get that essay completed in a week (instead of a month…or two)

The Admissions Essay Toolkit can absolutely help your student write that essay! And the sooner your student sends off their applications, the better chance they have at an acceptance letter!

Independent Study Student


This is a wonderful option for the motivated and independent student who needs some guidance, inspiration, and structure to work on their essay.
What you get:
  • Immediate access to the complete digital course
  • High quality PDF downloads of the lessons
  • Audio-only option for those times when you can’t be near a computer
  • Email access for questions
  • Access to the same questionnaires and worksheets that I use with my 1-on-1 clients
  • Downloadable College Essay Critique and Proofreading Checklist

PLUS, you’ll receive:

  • Bonus #1: Common App Prompt Strategy Book
  • Bonus #2: Master College Application Checklist
  • Bonus #3: Social Media Clean-Up Checklist
  • Email access for questions
  • Bonus #4: Private FB Group Access

You WILL NOT get: A final review of your completed essay.

Buy Now!


My promise is simple: If you’re not happy with the course, I’ll refund your money. No hard feelings. I will want to ask you a few questions, though, just in case there’s something that I can change and make better for other students.
*Please note that in no way do I guarantee that students enrolled for this course will be accepted to college. The ultimate admission decision of a candidate is contingent upon many factors, of which the admissions essay is but one. Please read the entire disclaimer before committing to this course.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the Admissions Essay Toolkit.
I’ve worked hard to create something that I know will be beneficial to you as a future college student.
If you have any questions at all about this course and whether or not it is right for you, please email me directly at: jgwalthers@ghosteditorial.com. I’ll be happy to talk with you or your family about how I can help you to write a solid admissions essay.
I wish you the best of luck in your college search, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you,